Saturday, March 3, 2012

ABC 's Emergency Blender Cupcakes

Cupcakes from a blender???

Yup, Cupcakes made in a blender.  Here they are! The recipe makes a dozen chocolate cupcakes and while the cupcakes bake you make an easy, wonderful, frosting.

These cupcakes are for the Avid Baker Challenge and we are cooking out of Abigail Johnson Dodge's The Weekend Baker.  I think it only took a hour to make and frost the cupcakes.  It didn't make a lot of cupcakes, but oh are these good and chocolaty.

Brownies in a blender

The recipe states to add the dry ingredients into the blender and buzz, but I already add my dry ingredients in a bowl and mix the up before adding to wet ingredients.  I tried the way the recipe says and I pockets of the dry ingredients stuck on the side of the blender.  No matter how much I scraped the sides I did not get it all.  

Stirring the frosting

The frosting was not like any frosting I have made in the past.  Yes there's butter and chocolate, but you add sweetened condensed milk and light corn syrup.  This was great, no lumps to worry about.  It firmed up as it cooled and boy is this good.  It tastes fudgy.

The frosting is smooth and glossy and it makes a lot.  I placed the remaining frosting in the freezer, so I'm going to have to make something else soon so I can see how well the frosting freezes.

My taste testers where happy.  I got two request for the recipe.  That is the sign of a good recipe.


  1. These cupcakes are a winner with ABC bakers! And the fudgy frosting too! Love it!

  2. Loved these cupcakes too! So Easy! I had lots of frosting leftover too!! Let us know if it freezes well. Good job!

  3. These look terrific! They were extra yummy, and I ended up with lots of leftover frosting, too. Definitely a repeat recipe!

  4. I've already re-used the frosting. It was just as nice after being frozen!

  5. I love how shiny the frosting is. These are great cupcakes. I've made them over and over again :o)

  6. Nice dome and lovely shine on your frosting! Great job